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Samsung S20 Price And What is Provided to Us

After 2019’s Samsung S10, Samsung has not launched S11 but has skipped a few number and launched the Samsung Galaxy S2O in 2020, the upgrade in the technology has been massive and so is the price rise, almost one and a half thousand dollars is the price that we have to pay in order to own the new Samsung S20 ultra, the s20 price is a bit lower but it isn’t at all a downgrade on S20 ultra and S20 plus, infact for most of us it is the perfect smartphone.The specs have always been great with the Galaxy S series as Samsung has a no compromise policy on their flagship smartphone, but the specs introduced in the all new S20 has somehow exceeded expectations.

Let us go through the entire thing in detail, the operating system is Android 10 one UI 2.0 and this is same in all three releases, the S20, S20 plus and S20 ultra, the processor is the rapid Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 which in a smartphone is as good as it gets, then the display provided by a 6.2-inch Dynamic AMOLED Quad HD+ 563 ppi 120HZ HDR10 is just amazing, the display’s with smartphones have never been this fast and efficient, the 6.2-inch is just the perfect size and even compared to the S20 ultra which has a 6.9 inch screen, many favor the Galaxy S20 screen over the bigger one,the only drawback of having such a powerful screen is the effect it has on the battery usage, the battery will drain much quicker, even though the battery is 4000 mAhwhich is not at all a weaker battery but as the camera, display and processor is really heavy it will drain out quicker than we expect. Overall it is an amazing smartphone even if the price could have been a bit friendly to us.

April 18, 2020